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Business Management Software for the Entertainment Industy

Welcome to EAMS Solutions, where innovation meets the entertainment industry. Our cloud-based portal, specifically tailored for entertainment agencies, revolutionises business management. Whether you’re in adult entertainment, children’s-party performance, modeling, music, or talent scouting, our software is your one-stop solution.

With EAMS Solutions, managing client enquiries, bookings, performer profiles, invoicing, and business reporting becomes effortless. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience with minimal training required. In case of queries, our dedicated support staff are always ready to assist.

Seamlessly integrating with your existing website, EAMS Solutions operates on our secure and reliable servers, guaranteeing peace of mind. Streamline your business operations, enhance productivity, and drive profitability with EAMS Solutions – where efficiency is redefined.

Entertainment Business Management Software
Servicing the Following Industries

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Talent Agencies

Elevate your talent management agency today! Comprehensive profile handling, efficient bookings processes, as well as in-depth reporting and conversion insights.

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Wedding Bands & DJ’s

EAMS: Transforming wedding entertainment management—simplified bookings, seamless event coordination, and effective client communication.

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Kids Party Performers

Transform children’s entertainment services: Simplify performer coordination, streamline planning, and elevate client satisfaction with our SaaS.

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Adult Entertainment

Revolutionise your adult entertainment business with EAMS: streamline bookings, manage performers, and enhance client engagement effortlessly.


Promotional Staff

Streamline your promotional staffing solutions with EAMS: Efficient scheduling, client coordination, and performance analytics all in one platform.

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Modelling Agencies

EAMS empowers modelling agencies: Simplify model management, client bookings, and model portfolios with industry-leading efficiency.


Manage Every Aspect of Your Business With Our Cloud-Based Software System.

Customer Database Management

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EAMS Solutions offers a powerful, user-friendly platform that effortlessly manages all customer information. Organise and access client details, bookings, and communication history in one place, streamlining operations and enhancing customer relationship management with exceptional ease and efficiency.

Online Customer Enquiry Management

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Our software seamlessly integrates with your website, allowing customers to make enquiries directly online. Each enquiry is systematically stored in the platform, ensuring ready access for prompt contact and engagement, thus optimising response times and enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

Customer Quote Management

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Easily create and manage customer quotes for upcoming events with our software. Tailor quotes to specific requirements, track responses, and efficiently follow up, all within the platform. Streamline your quoting process, ensuring accuracy and speed, for a more responsive and effective customer service experience.

Customer Follow-Up Messaging & Daily Tasks

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Efficiently schedule customer follow-ups and automate messages with our software. Set daily task reminders to stay organised and proactive. This streamlined approach ensures timely interactions and consistent communication, enhancing customer relations and ensuring no task or follow-up opportunity is ever missed.

Customer Booking & Invoice Management

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Streamline your booking and invoicing processes effortlessly. Our system allows you to schedule, track, and update bookings instantly, while also enabling quick creation and dispatch of invoices. Monitor payments with ease, ensuring a smooth, professional handling of all financial aspects of your engagements.

Customer & Performer Booking Reminders

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Enhance operational efficiency by sending timely reminders to customers and performers before each booking. This feature ensures everyone is informed and prepared, reducing last-minute hiccups and fostering a seamless, professional experience for all parties involved in your entertainment events.

Messaging & Reminders (SMS / Email)

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Handle all SMS and email communications through the platform, from welcome greetings to follow-ups, booking updates, and reminders. This centralised messaging system ensures consistent, timely interactions with both customers and performers, streamlining communication and enhancing the overall experience of your service.

Automated Message Scheduling

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Automate task scheduling, including client messages and quotes, to enhance efficiency. Work after hours to organise everything, setting it to be dispatched first thing in the morning, ensuring timely delivery while maintaining your workflow’s flexibility and productivity.

Performer Database Management

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Efficiently manage your performer database, encompassing profiles, biographies, photos, bookings, and more. This comprehensive system allows for easy access and updates to performer information, ensuring you have all the details at your fingertips for seamless booking and promotional activities.

Online Performer Applications

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Receive, assess, accept, and process new performer applications through an integrated online form on your website. This streamlined process simplifies talent acquisition, allowing for efficient evaluation and onboarding of new performers, enhancing your roster with ease and professionalism.

Performer Profile Management

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Performer profile pages are auto-generated from the portal, eliminating website editing requirements or the need for website developers! Update bios, photos, services, and more with just a few clicks. This feature simplifies content management, keeping performer profiles current and vibrant with minimal effort and cost.

Performer Payments & Invoice MAnagement

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Effortlessly manage performer invoices and payments post-booking. The system enables quick generation and tracking of invoices, ensuring performers are paid promptly and accurately. This efficient financial handling streamlines payment processes, fostering trust and professionalism among your talent pool.

Sales Revenue & Conversion Reporting

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Delve into insightful reporting with our platform, offering detailed views on revenue and conversion figures. This powerful tool aids in analysing business performance, helping to identify trends, measure success, and make informed decisions to drive growth and enhance profitability.

Getting Started With EAMS Solutions

Contact Our Support Team

Initiate your journey by contacting us. We’re here to listen, understand, and begin our collaboration.


Business Suitability Evaluation

Engage in a comprehensive discussion to determine if our software aligns with your unique business needs.

Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your website with our cloud-based solution, securely hosted on our dedicated servers.


System Testing & Deployment

Undergo thorough testing to ensure flawless functionality, followed by a smooth deployment & launch.









Software Integration

$149.95 + GST

(Monthly Subscription)



Integrate Directly With Your Website

Website Hosting Included

No Additional Setup Fees

Full Customer Management

Online Enquiry Management

Booking & Invoice Management

Customer Follow Up & Reminders

Full Performer Management

Online Performer Applications

Performer Profile Managment

Revenue & Conversion Reporting

Full Training & Ongoing Support

Business Website Design

$995.95 + GST

(New Build or Update)



5 Page Website

5 Stock Image Included

No Additional Setup Fees

Engaging Website Design

User-Experience Focused

Mobile-Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Share Buttons

User-Friendly Admin Portal

SSL Certificate Included

Seamless EAMS Intergration

Full Training & Ongoing Support


What People Say About Us

EAMS Solutions have truly revolutionised the way our business operates. It allows a single person to do the work of three full-time staff. Its efficiency is astounding. And, I can’t imagine running our business without it! It’s nothing short of a game-changer for the Entertainment Industry.

Amber White Entertainment

Managing Director

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